An Appeal To Readers

My computer has served me faithfully since late 2013. I received it refurbished, however, and with it now being almost 4 years old, internal components are beginning to fail.

The hard drive was the first to falter:

As you can see above, its self-diagnostic indicates that it’s failing. Beyond the diagnostic, my first indication was when it began “clicking” and “tapping” rapidly and non-stop.

I’ve taken to running the operating system from an external hard drive, but that’s not a long term solution; once one of the components has failed, I’m no longer confident that more aren’t going to follow suit in short order. In fact, I’ve already experienced a complete freeze of the entire system a couple times now.

My computer is incredibly important to me. It’s not only the machine I use to earn money, it’s also my only method of telecommunication. To keep my cost of living down, I no longer own a telephone but instead use Skype to make outgoing “phone calls.”

So I’ve been attempting to raise funds to replace the aging, failing computer with a new one. That’s not easy to do when my primary income is a fixed income of Social Security Disability, supplemented by every opportunity I can discover or create to take writing jobs.

If you are willing and able to contribute — or just to spread the word — you’ll be doing me an immeasurable kindness.

If you’d like to lend a hand, click here to read the full story.

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