The 13th Doctor: A Measured Response

There’s been an uproar on social media since the announcement of Jodie Whittaker in the role of the 13th Doctor. Some of it has been less than enthusiastic, quite a lot of it has been in response to a backlash against a female Doctor which has, so far as I’ve seen, been for the most part utterly illusory.

But examples of this largely imaginary backlash abound:


There are even drinking games:

And snark, of course, runs deep:

But here’s the problem: None of those is sourced. How many Brians are there in London? How many “Anon”s are there, all over the world? “Brian from the Country”? Which country?

I mean, they could at least make up some entertaining names. How about “Aloysius from lower Unkamunkabananarama, Tibet”?

Here’s the deal: Nobody cares whether the Doctor is male or female, as long as the role is written well and performed well.

The only people who do care are bitter little shitnuggets who see this change as something to beat people over the head with. And that’s not one iota more mature than people who bitch that the Doctor now has a vagina.

Not. One. Bit. More. Mature.

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